How to Keep Your Marble Countertop Clean and Shiny

How to Keep Your Marble Countertop Clean and Shiny

Smooth, elegant, and sophisticated, marble countertops are the workhorse in every kitchen of most high-end homes. Unlike other materials, such as granite or quartz, they provide an upscale look that you can only find in five-star hotels and fine dining restaurants.

However, marble is a premium material. As such, proper care and maintenance are essential to keep it clean and looking new for years.

But how do you clean your marble countertop?

Once sealed, cleaning your marble counter is quick and hassle-free. Simply use a special stone cleaner and a soft clean cloth (or better yet, a microfiber cloth) and wipe down all parts of your countertop.

Don’t use harsh or abrasive cleaning products like bleach, degreaser, or bleach, as they can damage your stone. Be mindful when using these cleaners around the house, and don’t place them on your counter.

Clean your marble countertop after every use and make it a habit. Doing so will help you avoid stains and etches on your counter.

Always clean as you go!

During meal prep, always use a cutting board. Never cut directly on your marble countertop. Likewise, always use trays or coasters under every glass and can to prevent staining.

Lastly, keep your marble counter from direct contact with anything acidic, such as juice or wine, to minimize etching.

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning your marble counter is quick and easy—but with a little bit of TLC. By doing these simple tasks daily, you can ensure that your marble countertop will be highly-functional and incredibly beautiful for decades. 


If you want to replace your old and ugly countertop with something elegant and sophisticated, marble should be on top of your list. With its beautiful veins and satin-smooth finish, you’ll always enjoy a five-star kitchen experience at home. So go ahead, and get that dream counter today!

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