The Top 3 Reasons Why Balintawak is the Go-to Place for Your Stone Countertop Project

It probably won’t be a surprise if we tell you that you’re not the only one looking for granite, marble, or quartz slabs in Balintawak. After all, it’s home to many of the major stone suppliers here in the Philippines, such as Saint Mark Construction Supply and Stefistone Granites and Marbles. Drive along this part of EDSA, and you’ll find yourself in between various showrooms on both sides of the road. Here, stone suppliers– big and small– are so close to each other that you can actually do some window shopping for your stone requirements. And although there are other places in the country where you can buy stone products, nothing beats the prices and the wide selection you’ll find here.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons to visit Balintawak today:

1. You’ll Find More Stone Selections

Wouldn’t it be frustrating if, after an hour-long drive along Manila’s highly-congested streets, you arrive at your local stone supplier’s warehouse only to find a limited number of selections? Well, we’d certainly feel bad, too.

If you live in the south, we’re quite sure you’d hesitate to drive up to Balintawak to look for some slabs. But trust us, it’s all worth the time and effort to go there.

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6 Reasons to Have a Marble Countertop in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the main selling points of any home. There are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that it will be a beautiful centerpiece of your residence. And this includes having marble countertops inside your kitchen. Your apprehension is understandable. After all, it’s not the cheapest option out there. However, you’ll surely agree that when it comes to our kitchen and our home in general, we sometimes need to spend a little more for something extra special.

These advantages make investing in a marble countertop a no-brainer:

1. Every Marble is Uniquely Beautiful

The veins you see on marble is the product of the amassed heat and pressure deep within the Earth. It is a natural process that turns limestone into a beautiful piece of rock. Varying conditions combined with the different nearby elements make up the appearance of every marble. As a result, each slab is unique. Hence, your marble countertop is unlike any other in the world.

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4 Reason to Upgrade with a Quartz Countertop Today

Looking to take your kitchen to a whole new level but constrained by a tight budget? A kitchen renovation doesn’t always mean tearing down all your light fixtures, pulling out the cupboards, and slathering on wallpaper. More often than not, starting small by focusing on a single feature– like your kitchen countertop– is the best way to go.

When it comes to kitchen countertop, there are a ton of great options out there. From granite to ceramic tile, and from marble to stainless steel – you name it, and they’ve got it! Recent years, however, have shown an increase in homeowners looking to switch to quartz, a hard and crystalline mineral that’s all the rage.

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10 Advantages of Using Granite Countertop in Your Kitchen

So you have a new kitchen, and you’re trying to decide which countertop material works best for you. With several options like stainless steel, ceramic tile, concrete, laminate, and others, granite remains one of the more popular choices for kitchen countertops. If you’re not sure if granite is the right choice for you, here are ten reasons why you should go with a granite countertop:

1. Granite is an investment that adds value to your home.

A granite countertop adds an element of luxury to your kitchen. Thus, if you are planning to put your house for sale in the future, having a granite countertop in your kitchen adds value to your home’s resale price.

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