Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy

What is Black Galaxy?

The Black Galaxy is a unique and beautiful countertop material from India. It is a deep black stone with naturally-occurring bronze specks that sparkle under direct light.

It is a highly durable granite that can easily withstand the elements, be it rain, shine, or frost. As such, it is also used in other applications, such as wall cladding and floor tiles.

What Does Black Galaxy Look Like?

As its name suggests, the Black Galaxy resembles the night sky with copper flecks shimmering like stars.

It is commonly sold in a polished finish, heightening the stone’s natural appearance.

The Black Galaxy is available in cutter sizes and gangsaw slabs. But you can order it in granite tiles as well.

Black Galaxy (Granite)

Where Does Black Galaxy Come From?

The Black Galaxy is sourced from the Ongole District of India.

It is extracted as huge blocks and is cut into thin sheets, called slabs.

These slabs are then processed using manual or line polishing machines to bring out their natural shine. 

Black Galaxy granite countertop

Does Black Galaxy Need to be Sealed?

No, Black Galaxy doesn’t require sealing.

It is a highly dense stone. Water and most forms of liquid won’t be able to penetrate its surface. Not even stone sealer.

Hence, unlike other granites, you don’t have to seal it yearly. Black Galaxy is bulletproof against staining.

Is Black Galaxy Expensive?

In terms of pricing, The Black Galaxy is a mid-range stone. It is more expensive than Salt and Pepper granite from China but is cheaper than Carrara marble.

Overall, considering its beauty and longevity, Black Galaxy provides an excellent Return on Investment for any homeowner. It’s a one-time investment that offers a lifetime of service in the kitchen.

How Much Does Black Galaxy Cost?

Black Galaxy averages Php 3,700 per sqm.

The price is for the cost of the material only.

Additional charges may apply if you wish to have the slab fabricated and installed.

Kindly send us the detailed plan for your project so we can give you a quote.

Where to Buy Black Galaxy Granite?

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