3 Reasons Why Balintawak is the Go-to Place for Countertops

It probably won’t be a surprise if we tell you that you’re not the only one looking for granitemarble, or quartz slabs in Balintawak. After all, it’s home to many of the major stone suppliers here in the Philippines, such as Saint Mark Construction Supply and Stefistone Granites and Marbles. Drive along this part of EDSA, and you’ll find yourself in between various showrooms on both sides of the road. Here, stone suppliers– big and small– are so close to each other that you can actually do some window shopping for your stone requirements. And although there are other places in the country where you can buy stone products, nothing beats the prices and the wide selection you’ll find here.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons to visit Balintawak today:

1. You’ll Find More Stone Selections

Wouldn’t it be frustrating if, after an hour-long drive along Manila’s highly-congested streets, you arrive at your local stone supplier’s warehouse only to find a limited number of selections? Well, we’d certainly feel bad, too.

If you live in the south, we’re quite sure you’d hesitate to drive up to Balintawak to look for some slabs. But trust us, it’s all worth the time and effort to go there.

Most stone suppliers in Balintawak have a wide array of stone selections in their slab yard. You’ll find uncommon and rare colors and various slab dimensions perfect for your project requirements. If you’re looking for a smaller piece for your vanity top, they have cutouts from their previous projects that you can buy at a lower price.

Lastly, apart from granite, marble, and quartz, many suppliers have travertine, sandstone, and onyx stones for your interior at a very competitive rate. We’re quite sure that here you’ll find a slab that will fit inside your home.

2. You’ll Get More Bang for Your Buck!

Because most of the stone suppliers in Balintawak are near each other, they compete for your business. As such, they’d be more than happy to offer you the best deal on the table. They know they’d never see you again once you walk out the door. We’re quite sure that many of the suppliers in the area are more than willing to negotiate a deal with you. Just tell them that you’re just there to “canvass,” and there’s a good chance that they’ll give you a better offer.

3. You’re trusting your project to experienced professionals

The majority of the stone suppliers in Balintawak have been there for more than a decade. Some were even there during the heyday of Romblon marble back in the 80s. As such, many of the stone fabricators and installers here are highly-skilled and well-experienced. They breathe stone dust– literally and figuratively– every day.

Hence, you are assured that the level of skill they bring matches your expectation for your project. If, by any chance, there are punch list items that need rectification, you can always call them anytime. You don’t have to worry as most, if not all, well-known names in Balintawak are not fly-by-night stores.


If you’re curious to find out about the wide array of stone selections in Balintawak, you need not look further. Saint Mark Construction Supply has thousands of natural and engineered stone selections on stock. Our products are of high-quality yet competitively-priced. Visit us today at our showroom along EDSA Balintawak, Quezon City.

If, on the other hand, you live in the Visayas or Mindanao region, you can check out our affiliate, Stone Depot. They have branches in the cities of Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and Iloilo.