8 Advantages of Using Natural Stone Veneers

Natural stones are sought after in the architectural world because of their incomparable beauty, remarkable strength, and timeless appeal. These characteristics make natural stone not only a great building material but also a stunning decorative feature. As such, they have been used in many of mankind’s majestic structures—from the great pyramids of Giza, the Taj Mahal, and up to the present the day skyscrapers.

Nowadays, natural stone is a commonly used material for countertops, stair treads, and pavements. But did you know that the material is ideal for decorating walls and facades, too? Tile cladding is used in modern-day buildings to enhance the structures’ exteriors with the stones’ natural appeal. On the other hand, for homes, natural stone veneers provide the look and feel of real stone without being pricey.

What are Natural Stone Veneers?

Much like stone tiles and slabs, natural stone veneers are quarried deep within the earth. They are sliced into thin profiles, creating what is known as veneers. This results in a product that is not only lightweight but also cost-efficient. Furthermore, they have natural variations, which makes each piece truly unique. Every panel has a distinct color, pattern, and texture combination that no manufactured stone veneer can match. If you’re curious to know how stone veneers can beautify your home, here are eight reasons why you should consider using this material:

1. Visually Appealing

Installing stone veneers add warmth and natural appeal to any residential or commercial space. Available in a wide array of shapes, colors, and sizes, it’s a visual treat that no man-made surface can match. Its rich color and texture will definitely make anyone feel the stone’s surface with their bare hands.

2. Highly Durable

When properly installed and cared for, stone veneers will withstand the passing of time and the changing weather conditions. As with granite and marble counters, you need to seal it, too, to preserve its beauty.

Natural stone veneers will retain its color and appearance even when exposed to the various elements. Artificial stones, on the other hand, will fade or discolor as they are mostly tinted with paint.

3. Versatile

Apart from its beauty, natural stone veneers are also versatile. They can be used in various applications, whether it’s the office or your home. As a matter of fact, they are widely used on facades, outdoor landscaping, and accent walls. Natural stone veneers can be installed over a concrete or a wooden substrate.

4. Affordable

Because they are sliced into thin profiles, the material costs significantly lower than using other stone formats. What’s more, because natural stone is enduring, you won’t have to replace it eventually—at least not in your lifetime. However, if you use manufactured stone veneers, you may need to replace everything entirely once they fade or discolor.

5. Lightweight

The product is designed to be more lightweight compared to other stone formats, such as tiles and slabs. Thus, it can be fixed on various non-structural substrates. Furthermore, not only does hauling and transporting stone veneers a piece of cake but installing it is a lot easier also.

6. Flame-resistant

Natural stone veneers resist extreme heat. As such, they are often used near fireplaces to complement an interior. This feature, combined with its rustic charm, makes this material a popular design element in high-altitude structures.

7. Easy-to-install

Natural stone veneers are more affordable to install, as well. Not only because they are lightweight and handy, but also because they are easy to install, too. The product can easily be installed without additional footing or wall ties, reducing the installation time considerably. These advantages allow builders and contractors to install natural stone veneers with ease and efficiency.

8. Low Maintenance

Apart from sealing it yearly, you only need to occasionally spray it with water to remove the accumulated dirt and dust. It’s possible that over time natural stone veneers can chip or crack. When this happens, if the flaws are noticeable, you can have the affected part repaired or replaced. Otherwise, if they are hardly visible, you can ignore it.


Having a good understanding of the material should help you decide whether natural stone veneers are a good fit for your project. With the right material from a trusted stone supplier and a professional installer’s skills and experience, this natural surface will definitely add to the allure of your home and office. Its inherent beauty and exceptional resilience make it a wise investment for your home in the years to come.

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