Nano Crystallized Glass

Nano Crystallized Glass

What is a Nano Crystallized Glass?

The Nano Crystallized Glass (also called “German White” and “Super White”) is an excellent countertop material for an all-white kitchen. With a luxurious look and a smooth flat surface, the Nano Crystallized Glass is also durable and easy to clean. Plus, it’s also heat-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about burning or scorching your counter.

It is an affordable and practical substitute for pure white marble. It brings an ultra-modern feel that is simply appealing, especially to minimalists.

It is also called “German White” in the Philippines, though most of the supplies come from China.

How Durable is a Nano Crystallized Glass?

Nano Crystallized Glass can easily stand up against everyday wear and tear in the kitchen. It’s highly durable due to its hardness. And it resists stains and scratches (especially if you have kids who love helping in the kitchen).

Moreover, it’s also lightweight, unlike its other counterparts like granite and quartz. So you don’t have to worry much about additional structural support underneath your counter.

How to Clean a Nano Crystallized Glass?

To clean, simply wipe off your Nano Crystallized Glass surface with a soft, clean cloth after every use.

Fingerprints may easily be visible occasionally, so you may need to wipe your countertop regularly.

Is Nano Crystallized Glass Good for Your Countertop?

The Nano Crystallized Glass is great for kitchens in terms of design and functionality. It’s an easy-to-clean surface, perfect for anyone who enjoys most of their time in the kitchen. Its bright white surface makes your kitchen look neat and spacious.

It’s an excellent choice for anyone wanting to create the look for white marble without spending a fortune.

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