Why is the Kitchen Work Triangle Important in Every Home?

Designing your kitchen is an exciting idea that allows you to create a beautiful and functional space that works for you and everyone at home. But it is also a rather daunting task, full of big decisions that require careful thought and planning. And because we use the kitchen every day, it mustn’t just look good, but it should also allow you to do meal preparations with ease. Thankfully, there’s a concept we call “Kitchen Work Triangle” that should make your daily kitchen workflow run smoothly.
The Kitchen Work Triangle

The Kitchen Work Triangle

The Kitchen Work Triangle comprises three essential elements. These are the sink, the fridge, and the cooktop. In between each of them is an imaginary line that forms a triangle inside your kitchen.

For most of our kitchen preparations, we move between these three points whether we’re:

  • Preparing our meals;
  • Storing items in the fridge; or
  • Washing the dishes

As such, they mustn’t be too near or too far from each other. There shouldn’t be anything that’s blocking the path between each point. The distance between each element should be between four feet and nine feet apart.

For example, you don’t want to carry a hot pan across the room to drain your pasta when you take it off the stove. It’s also wise for a water source to be nearby in case of any emergencies. Similarly, you don’t want to cross the whole room to get an ingredient when cooking.


If you plan to remodel your kitchen in the future, keep the “Kitchen Work Triangle” concept in mind so you can move quickly inside your kitchen. It is a remarkable yet straightforward concept that can make your daily kitchen life a lot more enjoyable.

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