The 10 Most Common Applications of Granite Tiles

Granite tiles can take your home or office into the next level of luxury. Not only is this particular stone beautiful, but it is also highly durable— especially when compared to other materials, such as ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Granite’s exceptional beauty features natural variations of specks and crystals of different sizes scattered across each piece. Moreover, its colors range across the entire spectrum. Hence, you can easily find a granite shade that matches your personality and style. Versatility, combined with inherent strength, makes granite tiles a wise investment for any project.

If you are curious to know how this natural stone can add value to your way. of life, here are the ten most common applications of granite tiles:

1. Floor Tiles

The high-density ratio of granite makes it a good flooring material for lobbies, hallways, and even your living room. Thanks to its functionality and aesthetics, it’s no wonder why you always see this stunning stone material in many high-end hotels and retail establishments all across the globe.

2. Vanity Top

With its luxurious look, granite tiles make an excellent vanity top that can be custom-fabricated based on your preference. Whether you want a minimalist or a vintage bathroom, granite tiles offer a great way of customizing your toilet and bathroom just the way you want it.

3. Countertop

A busy kitchen deserves an equally robust countertop that can bear the daily grind of food preparation and cooking.

Purchasing a whole granite slab can be costly, and transporting it can be a headache. With granite tiles, you can upgrade your countertop at a more affordable cost using smaller modular pieces. Also, if you’re planning a DIY installation, they are easier to transport and layout.

Lastly, should a section of your countertop be damaged, you can also replace the broken tile(s) quickly.

Granite Tiles Pool
Flamed or bushhammered granite tiles are useful around your swimming pool or spa area.

4. Table Top

Granite is known as a kitchen countertop material, but you can also use it in the living room. Place it over your side table to add a visual highlight inside the room.

5. Backsplash

Granite tiles are versatile. You can use it as an accent and a functional piece for your kitchen walls. When adequately sealed, granite tiles are resistant to moisture, which prevents bacteria and mildew build-up. If you’re worried about staining, you can easily wipe off spills and splashes on your granite tiles’ surface.

6. Stair Treads

As a stair tread and riser, granite easily outperforms solid wood, ceramic tiles, and concrete materials. Why? Because granite, being inorganic, is unlikely to break down over time, unlike wood. Moreover, it is more durable than any of the other materials. And although it is heavier, its structural integrity and timeless beauty make it an ideal material for your home.

7. Wall Cladding

Granite tiles are great for exterior applications, too. On buildings, they serve as an excellent wall cladding material. Its rich texture and natural graining add warmth and depth to the beauty of any structure.

Granite Tiles Flooring
The high-density ratio of granite makes it a good flooring material for lobbies, hallways, and even your living room.

8. Landscape Element

Granite tiles are all-around finishing materials for your outdoor living. Whether as a pavement, patio flooring, or a barbeque counter, its earth-toned colors provide numerous design options that complement your garden treasures.

9. Pool and Spa Finishes

Flamed or bushhammered granite tiles are useful around your swimming pool or spa area. Its non-slip feature makes granite tiles a favorable option when you want a durable and low-maintenance flooring material for these areas.

10. Grave Marker

Natural stones have stood up against the test of time and the elements. Hence, wouldn’t it be more fitting to use it as the perfect material to immortalize your departed loved ones? As a grave marker, granite provides both durability and natural beauty that will undoubtedly endure over the years.


Granite tiles provide an avenue of design possibilities for your residence and office. Not only do they enhance the beauty of your space, but they also give the functionality required for many applications. Whether you are a contractor, a developer, a designer, or a homeowner, granite tiles will provide you with decades of service with minimal upkeep.

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