The Emperador Marbles

When it comes to brown marble, two varieties rise above the rank: the Emperador Light and the Emperador Dark. As their name suggests, their appearance differs in the shade, although they similarly look the same.

Emperador Light marble is a fascinating blend of cream and brown that you’ll often find inside hotels, skyscrapers, and even palaces. It features light-colored veins against a light brown backdrop, creating a timeless and luxurious appeal.

Sourced from a bedrock quarry in Turkey, the Emperador Light marble is perfect for interior finishes, especially floor tiles, bathroom walls, and vanity tops. In kitchens, it works best with light-colored finishes. It is a classic material that lends its exquisite look to traditional and modern spaces.

Emperador Dark Vanity Top, Emperador Light Floor Tiles

On the other hand, Emperador Dark has a rich, dark brown appearance with web-like patterns flowing across its surface. Quarried in Spain, it is a premium material that is widely used in many high-end projects, such as 5-star hotels and commercial spaces.

As an indoor application, the Emperador Dark marble is commonly used as bathroom tiles and bar counters. Its rich, warm tone complements many design styles, especially those classic-themed spaces.


Ultimately, both the Emperador Light and Emperador Dark are two premium materials that offer a timeless elegance for contemporary and traditional spaces. When used together, especially on floors, they create an elegant contrast to make any room stand out. Like the Yin and Yang, they form a perfect balance that brings beauty to any space.


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